Our Mandate

The Canadian MEG Consortium (CMC) provides a common platform of expertise for basic and clinical research including clinical applications at MEG brain imaging centres across Canada. Our mission is to help Canadian MEG labs succeed by improving accessibility to this unique imaging resource and coordinating pan-Canadian efforts to increase the productivity of MEG research, the utility of MEG procedures and the training of MEG personnel.

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Pillars and Objectives

The Canada MEG Consortium is dedicated to making Canadian MEG labs succeed.

Public relations and communications
Paving pathways to MEG research for new users. Communicating advances in MEG research to the scientific community and the general public.
Interdisciplinary collaboration
Access to MEG laboratories for university, hospital, and government laboratory researchers across Canada; interdisciplinary research involving MEG.
Education in MEG methods and applications. Training of highly qualified personnel (HQP).
Research and development
State-of-the-art research using MEG to understand normal and altered brain function in cognitive disabilities and neuro-psychiatric pathologies.
Clinical MEG
State-of-the-art Safety and Practice guidelines.
Generating support to maintain operating costs of MEG centres across Canada.

Why MEG?

MEG is a state-of-the-art non-invasive functional brain imaging technology. It allows clinicians and researchers to track brain activity associated with movement disorders, cognitive impairments, epilepsy, and brain tumours. It is well-suited to investigate processes of functional connectivity in the brain and to elucidate the function of cerebral networks.

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The CMC Network

Meet the National Executive Board (NEB) for the Canada MEG Consortium.

Dr. Tim Bardouille
Dr. Tim Bardouille
National Director
Dr. Urs Ribary
Dr. Urs Ribary
Board Member
Dr. Ryan D'Arcy
Dr. Ryan D'Arcy
Board Member
Dr. Douglas Cheyne
Dr. Douglas Cheyne
Board Member
Dr. Sylvain Baillet
Dr. Sylvain Baillet
Board Member
Dr. Richard A. Wennberg
Dr. Richard Wennberg
Board Member
Dr. Bernhard Ross
Board Member
Dr. Pierre Jolicoeur
Board Member

The CMC Facilities

IWK Health Centre
SickKids Hospital
Universite de Montreal

Simon Fraser University
McGill University MEG Facilities
Rotman Research Institute
UHN Toronto Western Hospital

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Contact the CMC Network

To learn more about the Canada MEG Consortium's mission and current initiatives, please contact:

Dr. Tim Bardouille | National Director